600mg Omega-3 from Fish Oil with 50 mcg Vitamin D3 (200 ct.) - Supports Heart Health

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Elevate your wellness routine with our double strength 600mg Omega-3 supplement, coupled with 50 mcg of Vitamin D3, designed to support heart health without the fishy aftertaste.
Embrace the heart-healthy benefits of our Double Strength Omega-3 supplement, delivering essential nutrients with 600mg of Omega-3 from fish oil and an added 50 mcg of Vitamin D3 in each serving. Our premium formula ensures no fishy aftertaste, thanks to our freshest fish oil and proprietary Essential Fresh blend of essential oils. Sourced from 100% Wild Alaskan Fish, immediately refrigerated upon catch to preserve freshness, and extracted within 24 hours ensures top-notch quality. Certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), our fish oil meets rigorous standards for ecological and social responsibility. Our unique filtration process eliminates contaminants like PCB’s, dioxins, and mercury, while our advanced concentration method undergoes 225 tests to guarantee an oil that is not only concentrated, clean, and pure but also supportive of your heart health.